Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Critique on Etsy...the number was 32

Finally! I thought "32"...typed it in, then when Danielle said "pick a number" I hit the enter key. I was first to pick and got the number she wrote down. Psychic...hmmm

Ok, so my problems seem to be:
1. Saturation and lighting in my photos.
2. I should stick with my first love painting and drawing and quit trying to do it all.
3. I should add more personal info when describing the paintings/prints.

So, today I'm going to mat and frame a couple of the prints and see if I can get some natural light photo's and relist later this week. Add more unique "tags". Got a lot of positive reactions to my work and that was really nice. It's just so nice to have experienced Etsy peeps advice.

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