Thursday, April 30, 2009

Studio almost clean and usable

I'm excited to get busy on my next painting projects. Got 16 small canvasses stretched and ready to paint. Eight each of 8"x8" and 10"x10" and all gallery wrapped. Also a couple 5"x7"s's so weird working so small, but challenging.

My new light box set up and a paper (cutting/processing) area for intense work sessions. So many designs and ideas in my sketch book ready to finalize. Sewing area is almost done, library still chaotic.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Critique on Etsy...the number was 32

Finally! I thought "32"...typed it in, then when Danielle said "pick a number" I hit the enter key. I was first to pick and got the number she wrote down. Psychic...hmmm

Ok, so my problems seem to be:
1. Saturation and lighting in my photos.
2. I should stick with my first love painting and drawing and quit trying to do it all.
3. I should add more personal info when describing the paintings/prints.

So, today I'm going to mat and frame a couple of the prints and see if I can get some natural light photo's and relist later this week. Add more unique "tags". Got a lot of positive reactions to my work and that was really nice. It's just so nice to have experienced Etsy peeps advice.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Rev'd up!

Great critique last night on Etsy! Afterward, I worked on my domain site trying to create a consistent feel to my stores and domain. The only thing I have conflicts with, is that I can't put the same drawings/paintings up at both Etsy and CafePress. So I have to keep them mentally separate. My logo at Etsy is the same graphic for sale at Cafe Press, so I need to change that. Going to use the watercolor of Emily instead, since I'm selling the print on Etsy.
I've got alot to do, so better get busy!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Etsy Virtual Labs

Yesterday was my second attendance at an Etsy Virtual Lab. What a great resource! I learned so much and am really pumped about working on my site. Today is the site critique and I have to participate in it. Long, long time since the critiques in art school, and just as important.